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In some quite unusual cases this medication has actually been stated to induce liver trauma and liver failure although it is unclear whether these results had to do with the individual simply taking Orlistat or can be credited to a few other aspects.

The following ones are essential to point out: medications for diabetic issues, anticoagulants, medicines to control blood tension, medicines for thyroid, and other weight-loss medicines.

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“Speak to your doctor about integrating Orlistat with other medications you may be on.”

In some extremely rare instances this medication has actually been mentioned to create liver injury and liver failing although it is not clear whether these results concerned the individual merely taking Orlistat or could be attributed to some various other aspects.

You additionally have to remember that a few other medicines (anticoagulants and cyclosporine) have been stated to interact with Orlistat, so their synchronised usage needs to be stayed away from.